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Check out our blog. You need to know how B.C. judges consider various aspects of injury claims. You likely want to settle your claim, but serious negotiations are largely based on how ICBC and your lawyer think a judge will look at your claim.

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Some law firms are hired by ICBC in some cases and by injured claimants against ICBC in other cases. Chris Temple Law has never represented ICBC. We always represent the injured claimant. This web site has no association whatsoever with ICBC. It is here to educate injured people who are dealing with ICBC.

Financial assistance

To relieve some of your financial burden and to ensure that you receive the best treatment, we offer financial assistance for treatments to help qualifying clients meet their urgent financial needs while awaiting settlement.

Representing yourself?

Many people who recover quickly from their injuries can represent themselves adequately if they have a solid understanding of their rights and responsibilities.
If your injuries are more serious and your recovery is less certain, we would be pleased to represent you.

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Our website offers what we feel to be the most important information needed to make an informed decision about your BC injury claim.
Click the book image on the lower left to request your free copy of Mr. Temple's 60 page book on how to successfully deal with ICBC. It is free of charge to victims of BC accidents and you are under no obligation of any kind.

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13 most expensive claim mistakes

1. You are not prepared for your first meeting with an ICBC adjuster.

Before you see an ICBC adjuster, contact the office of your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor to confirm the dates that you received related treatment before the accident. This will ensure that you do not misstate your previous medical problems in the statement the adjuster will prepare and ask you to sign.

In addition to the book, our website is a virtual encyclopedia of information, answering over 50 of the most frequently asked questions by accident victims. This information is divided into categories which you can access by means of the menu to your top left. Click on any of these categories to learn what you need to know.

Video Tutorials

Mr. Temple has initiated a series of educational videos which are freely accessible through this website. These videos address commonly asked questions and concerns in plain English.

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You are welcome to a free consultation about your ICBC claim by either phoning us from the Lower Mainland at (604) 970-2440. You may wish to complete our Free Initial Consultation Form HERE before calling. We wish you a speedy recovery.

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