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Judge awards claimant with depression, anxiety & pain $12,631 for future psych treatment & meds

Ms D, 53, was injured in a car accident ten years before her trial. A psychologist that her lawyer referred her to a year before her trial diagnosed her with: major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe driving & other anxiety & severe & constant chronic pain. Continue reading

New large study shows fruits & veggies may help injured people deal with mental stress – at least among women

Many injured people suffer a great deal of psychological stress after their accident. They are often on tight budgets because they are unable to work. Thus they may buy less fruits & vegetables to reduce their grocery bills.
A recent large study involving more than 60,000 Australian participants showed that injured people may unknowingly increase their risk of suffering from post-accident mental stress by eating less fruits & vegetables.
The study also found a surprising difference between men & women. Continue reading

Post-accident depression – clinical study shows that improving one’s diet may help 

Many people injured in vehicle accidents develop depression. Sometimes this is so severe that a physician or psychologist diagnoses the patient as having “clinical depression”. Often this is a result of people realising that their recovery will not be as rapid as they had hoped.

A recent study showed that if people follow a very healthy diet they may be able to:

  •  lower their risk of developing clinical depression or
  • recover from their clinical depression more quickly.

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