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 Judge awards $110,000 for pain & suffering – permanent injury to balance system & other injuries 

Mr. Wright, age 56, was rear-ended. This resulted in a balance system disorder called “visual-vestibular mismatch”.

It also caused soft-tissue injuries to his shoulders, neck & back & significant worsening of his depression.

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Judge awards man $65,000 for his loss of past ability to do housekeeping chores

In 2006 Mr Wright, age 56, suffered dizziness & balance issues from being rear ended. This prevented him from doing basic household chores. Ms Lau, his common-law wife, took on most of the household chores, particularly in the year following the accident. In 2010 Mr W. stopped driving and Ms Lau took on the responsibility of driving him places.  Continue reading

Injured and dizzy? Make sure to clearly describe how you feel – no easy task

Some people injured in car accidents experience what they may call dizziness after their accident. This feeling may persist for days, months or even years. One major problem is that there are several quite different experiences people may have when they use the word “dizziness”. These include feelings:

  • – of spinning or other feelings of movement (which doctors call “vertigo”),
  • – of lightheadedness without a feeling of motion,
  • – that one is going to pass out or faint,
  • – of blurring of vision on movement of one’s head and
  • – of being off-balance or unsteady on one’s feet.

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Court awards dizzy & nauseous claimant $100,000 for pain & suffering & lost housekeeping capacity

Ms. Reimer was involved in a car accident in 2011 in which she hit her head. Prior to her accident she was physically active and enjoyed spending time with her friends & grandchildren. However after her accident she suffered from nausea, dizziness, nightmares and neck, back, and jaw pain. Her soft tissue injuries & nightmares resolved but her dizziness, imbalance & migraine headaches had become chronic.

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Judge awards $90,000 for pain & suffering for ongoing balance problems called visual vestibular mismatch after a car accident

Mr. Justice Myers wrote in his April 20, 2015 reasons for judgement:

“Ms. Miolla was treated by an otolaryngologist, or ear nose and throat specialist, Dr. Miller.  She was also tested extensively by Dr. Longridge who specialises in otology — a subspecialty of otolaryngology focussing on balance disorders.

Dr. Longridge concluded that Ms. Miolla suffered from vestibular mismatch.  In his direct evidence he briefly described that as a disorder where information from the ear and eyes regarding movement fail to gel, which creates a confusion that in turn creates imbalance, nausea, light-headedness and vertigo.

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Absence in medical records of dizziness complaints in the first month doesn’t mean the car accident was not the cause

ICBC hired an ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Bell, to assess an injured claimant at an independent medical examination. He wrote that the first recorded complaint of her imbalance was about a month after the collision and that this was too long for trauma to have been its cause.

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