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Judge awards $10,000 for housework done by her claimant’s family after her MVA

Ms William, 59, claimed that prior to her MVA she did the cooking & cleaning at home without her family’s help. 4 years after her MVA, Ms W still suffers from neck, back & chronic knee pain that limits her daily activity. As a result, her husband & adult son have done most of the cleaning & cooking in their home since her MVA. Continue reading

Judge awards man $65,000 for his loss of past ability to do housekeeping chores

In 2006 Mr Wright, age 56, suffered dizziness & balance issues from being rear ended. This prevented him from doing basic household chores. Ms Lau, his common-law wife, took on most of the household chores, particularly in the year following the accident. In 2010 Mr W. stopped driving and Ms Lau took on the responsibility of driving him places.  Continue reading

Claimant’s fiancé and mother receive $14,000 for their assistance that went beyond the normal ‘give and take’ in a family

Ms. Fletcher (née Rutter) was in an mva in 2007 from which she suffered chronic neck & lower back strain.

She lived with her fiancé. After her accident, her mother came to stay with them for the first 3-4 months & helped to take care of Ms. F’s needs.

Her lawyer argued that her mother & fiancé should be compensated for:

  • driving Ms. F to appointments,
  • grocery shopping and
  • household tasks (laundry, meals, and other day-today needs as required)

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Injured wife claim for compensation for her husband’s assistance & income loss rejected by judge

Ms. Lacayo was in a car accident in 2008. She suffered multiple soft tissue injuries and her depression worsened. She sought compensation on behalf of her husband at her trial for $43— $45,000. He claimed he drove her to many doctors’ appointments, that this sometimes resulted in his missing work and that this will continue.

This is called in law an “in trust” claim. Ms. L. would hold in trust any such award for her husband.

The judge concluded that what Ms. L’s husband did for her was not over and above the normal “give and take” between spouses. He therefore rejected this part of her claim. See below for what one needs to do and to prove if one wishes to pursue such a claim.

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Claimant’s parents compensated $14,000 for travel expenses & $6,000 for services they provided

Ms. Gabor was unable to avoid colliding with a pick-up truck that ran a red light. She incurred a brain injury with memory loss and chronic shoulder pain.

After the accident, her parents frequently flew from Lethbridge to Vancouver, rented an apartment or stayed at a hotel and provided her with assistance.

Two issues were whether her parents should be compensated for:

  • their travel expenses and
  • the services they provided their daughter.

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