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New study finds intensity training better than moderate training for migraine relief

In a new albeit small study, scientists measured the effects of intense training in short spurts versus moderate training over a longer period. They found that the former, called “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIT), improved migraine symptoms more than the latter, called “Moderate Continuous Exercise” (MCT). Continue reading

$90,000 pain & suffering award – worsening of pre-mva headaches & permanent neck injury

After Ms. Willet’s car was struck in the rear by a car that attempted to pass her she had pain in her neck, back, right shoulder & right hip.  Seven years later when she went to trial she continued to suffer from neck pain that led to severe migraine headaches. She had a long history of migraines before her accident. Continue reading

Effectiveness of Botox in treatment of headaches, migraines & low back pain recently reviewed

Many injured people who do not have a speedy recovery from their injuries are tempted to consider treatment by injections of Botox (Botulinum Toxin).


A pain management physician at the U. of Colorado Health Sciences Centre* wrote an article in Medcape on March 9, 2016 in which she referred to a review of botulinum toxin studies performed by the Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology… Continue reading

Judge orders ICBC to pay claimant the cost of Botox® treatments & Butrans® patch

Mrs. Merko’s two accidents left her with chronic pain which severely impacted her quality of life. Her neurologist who treats her headaches & her GP recommended:

  • an exercise program;
  • Botox® injections for her headaches which got worse after her mva’s &
  • Butrans® patches & other medications to manage her high level of pain.

Continue reading

Large award after neurologist explains the cause, treatment & prognosis of headaches from whiplash

 Dr. Robinson is a senior neurologist in Vancouver who has a very well respected practice treating patients with headaches. He testified recently in the Supreme Court of B.C. in the case of Forder v. Linde.

He gave his insights into the treatment of headaches after a whiplash injury as well as his prediction of the future (prognosis). These would be valuable to anyone suffering from headaches after a whiplash injury.

Mr. Justice Crawford awarded the claimant a total of $835,600 for her damages.

He summarised Dr. Robinson’s report and testimony as follows: Continue reading