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Judge values chronic shoulder & arm pain at $68,000 & lost housekeeping capacity at $10,000 

Ms Wendt, 55, continued to suffer shoulder & arm pain 3 years after she was rear-ended. ICBC’s lawyers argued that her pain & suffering award should be reduced because she did not fully follow her doctor’s advice, her pain increased after she unwisely moved furniture & she had pre-mva arthritis. Continue reading

79-year-old injured woman awarded $205,635 for the cost of her future care

Ms. Paterson, 79, lives on a 20-acre farm near Sooke, B.C. Three years after her car accident she continued to experience chronic neck pain & issues with her mood & memory. Her medical experts wrote that she requires ongoing treatment to manage her symptoms & that she will require assistance in the future with daily activities & house care. Continue reading

Judge awards man $65,000 for his loss of past ability to do housekeeping chores

In 2006 Mr Wright, age 56, suffered dizziness & balance issues from being rear ended. This prevented him from doing basic household chores. Ms Lau, his common-law wife, took on most of the household chores, particularly in the year following the accident. In 2010 Mr W. stopped driving and Ms Lau took on the responsibility of driving him places.  Continue reading

Judge hugely cuts back woman’s claim for past & future lost housekeeping capacity

Ms. Dabu suffered injuries to her neck, back & shoulder in an mva. She claimed at trial that her ability to do the housework she previously did remained very limited. Her husband and children took on almost all of the cooking, cleaning and gardening duties she did before her mva.

She claimed compensation of $20,000 for past and $84,000 for future loss of housekeeping capacity.

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Judge awards man $30,000 for the extent mva worsened his condition but rejects loss of housekeeping capacity claim

Mr. Ben-Yosef was in a serious car accident in 1998 and never fully recovered. In 2011, 13 years later, he was struck by a car while in a crosswalk. He described the accident to his family doctor 2 weeks later — that he had been “bumped”.

At trial, Mr. B claimed that:

  • his 2011 accident worsened his ongoing symptoms from his 1998 injuries,
  • it had prevented him from being able to do his family’s housekeeping and
  • he hired a housecleaner to replace his work around the house.

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Claimant’s parents compensated $14,000 for travel expenses & $6,000 for services they provided

Ms. Gabor was unable to avoid colliding with a pick-up truck that ran a red light. She incurred a brain injury with memory loss and chronic shoulder pain.

After the accident, her parents frequently flew from Lethbridge to Vancouver, rented an apartment or stayed at a hotel and provided her with assistance.

Two issues were whether her parents should be compensated for:

  • their travel expenses and
  • the services they provided their daughter.

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Judge awards $23,000 for claimant’s loss of housekeeping capacity

Mr. Justice Romilly awarded an injured plaintiff (claimant) $23,000 for her lost ability to perform housekeeping in the case of Kristiansen v. Grewal on April 10, 2014. He took into account:

  • the difficulty the plaintiff has had, and may continue to have in the future, in performing her housekeeping duties,
  • that she has suffered some loss of housekeeping capacity and
  • that she will be forced to incur expenses in the future as a result.

He wrote the following in his reasons for judgement: Continue reading

Court found claimant’s permanent injury was caused by his minor whiplash

On April 4, 2014 Mr. Justice Watchuk gave his reasons for judgement in the case of Klim v. Purdy. He awarded $65,000 for Mr. Klim’s pain and suffering (called “non-pecuniary damages or general damages).

Mr. Klim is a 53 year old married man who did most of the housekeeping chores of the family, took care of the family’s garden and did a lot of handyman chores. Continue reading