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Judge orders ICBC to pay basic, not extended, disability benefits after it refused to pay them

Ms. Powell’s suffered from neck & upper & lower back pain after her accident. After a short recovery period, she returned to work part-time. She worked for three years part-time but then stopped working because of her ongoing pain.

Ms. P then applied for ICBC basic total disability benefits of only $300 per week. ICBC denied them because she did not receive them within the first 2 years following her accident.

If one is completely disabled from working as a result of a car accident one can apply to ICBC for either basic or extended wage replacement benefits (of up to $700 per week tax free) in accordance with the rules explained below.

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ICBC must pay designated driver injured by drunk passenger who grabbed the steering wheel & caused accident

Ms. Felix was a designated driver for her boyfriend. He was intoxicated at the time and grabbed her steering wheel. This resulted in a severe accident and severe injuries to Ms. Felix.

A court judgment awarded her nearly $800,000 in damages against her deceased boyfriend but ICBC refused to pay the damages. ICBC’s lawyer argued that it is only obligated to pay for damages arising out of the “use” of the motor vehicle and the drunk passenger’s actions did not constitute “use” of the vehicle.

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