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Injured & getting the feeling that someone is watching you?

If you get the feeling that someone is watching you may be correct. Sometimes an investigator ICBC hires will sit in a parked van on the street where an injured person lives.

ICBC uses this less these days since it now gets some valuable evidence much less expensively by checking claimants’ social media sites, particularly Facebook.

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72 year old woman’s injuries healed within 3 years after her mva — judge awards her $50,000 for pain & suffering

Ms. Bardua was 72 years old at the time of her mva & was already suffering from back, knee & hip problems. After her accident her pre-accident pain & discomfort worsened & she also began experiencing rib pain.

One issue at her trial was whether Ms. B pain & discomfort had returned to how she was pre-accident.

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$180,000 awarded to PTSD victim for her pain & suffering— judge rejects ICBC’s psychiatrist’s opinion

Ms. Jossy was in an accident in 2011. It resulted in ankle surgeries, neck, shoulder & back pain & disabling psychological injuries. She had struggled with her mental health before her mva as she had experienced severe emotional & physical childhood trauma. However she had greatly improved before her accident. After it, these problems worsened to the point that she was hospitalized in 2014.

ICBC hired Dr. Milanese, a psychiatrist. He assessed Ms. J., prepared a report & testified at her trial. He downplayed her condition & stated that:

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Judge rejects the opinion of Dr Levin, a psychiatrist used frequently by ICBC, & awards damages of $702,435

Ms. Litt was involved in two car accidents, one in 2003 and another in 2010. They left her with an ongoing pain disorder. She sought compensation in part for her psychological injuries resulting from her accidents. She testified that her mood was awful – she felt angry and irritable all the time.

ICBC hired a psychiatrist, Dr. Levin. He wrote a report & then testified at trial. He claimed that because Ms. L. returned to work and school after her accidents she could not have a psychological pain disorder.

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Court makes strict conditions for ICBC’s psychiatrist to do a “defence medical exam” of injured claimant

Mr. Browne was rendered a paraplegic as a result of a motor vehicle accident. He resides in Kelowna. ICBC applied to the Supreme Court for an order that he travel to Vancouver to attend Dr. Riar, a psychiatrist, for a defence medical assessment, a so-called “independent medical examination”.

Master Miur gave her written reasons in August, 2014. She made a number of conditions for Mr. Browne’s attendance:

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