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Judge slams ICBC with $155,000 in special costs for withholding key surveillance evidence from trial

Ms. Norris, a long-haul truck driver, claimed at her trial that she was permanently disabled due to her accident & was unable to ever work again.

ICBC disregarded a court order that its lawyer provide a list about three weeks before Ms. Nā€™s trial of the dates & length of each surveillance video its investigators had taken. ICBC did not disclose the hours of surveillance footage its investigators took in 2015 until near the end of the civil jury trial. Some of the clips pictured Ms. N in a clearly weakened state and one critical video clip pictured Ms. N as she entered a Starbucks, sat down, collapsed and was then taken away by an ambulance. They would have assisted Ms. N in her case.

On August 8th 2016, Justice Gordon Funt condemned and punished ICBC for its actions.

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