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How long does it take to settle an ICBC claim for a reasonable amount? What is the importance of a trial date for mva’s before April 1, 2019?

Timing is very important in the settlement of an ICBC claim for a reasonable amount. If someone fully recovers from their injuries and is assured by their medical specialist(s) that they will not have more than very minor future problems, then this is a good time to try to settle your claim with ICBC.

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What are the economics of hiring a lawyer for an ICBC claim & what are “taxable costs” for mva’s before April 1, 2019?

Taxable costs are a contribution towards your legal fees paid on final settlement or court award paid by ICBC. In British Columbia a claim has to be worth more than $35,000 before the claimant is entitled to receive any taxable costs.

This effects how much an injured person receives in their pocket in a settlement or court award. Lawyers are not permitted to charge percentage fees on taxable costs. So the entire amount goes to the client. Continue reading

Is it in my best economic interest to hire a lawyer now for my ICBC claim for my mva before April 1, 2019?

You may be struggling with whether to:

– hire a lawyer as opposed to

– obtaining general legal advice about your ICBC claim. 

Unfortunately, a few younger and less busy lawyers don’t tell people the full or true facts about the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer for their injury claim and sometimes instill fear when they have a duty to be as objective as possible.  Continue reading