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Legal Challenge of Recent ICBC Coverage Changes

The recent April 1, 2019 changes to your ICBC coverage is being challenged in the courts by the Trial Lawyers Association of BC. Keith Fraser, from the Vancouver Sun, explains why the Trial Lawyers are filing a lawsuit in the BC Supreme Court. Read his full article below.

B.C.’s trial lawyers are taking the government to court over major changes that went into effect today to the way ICBC claims will be handled.

The Trial Lawyers Association of B.C., which represents more than 1,500 legal professionals in the province, says that the legislated changes, which include a $5,500 cap on claims for minor injuries involving pain and suffering and the establishment of a civil resolution tribunal to adjudicate certain claims, are unconstitutional and should be set aside.

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ICBC puts a cap of $5,500 for pain & suffering awards for most but not all new injuries after March 31, 2019

The British Columbia government has brought in new regulations for how car accident injuries can be handled through the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC). Rob Shaw from the Vancouver Sun has written a very thorough article on the new changes and how they will effect BC drivers. Read his article below or through the Vancouver Sun .

VICTORIA B.C. motorists who get in a car crash today will find themselves test-driving the province’s radically changed auto-insurance system.

A cap of $5,500 on pain and suffering claims for minor injuries in car accidents begins today. It’s part of the largest overhaul to auto insurance since the Insurance Corp. of B.C. was created in 1973.

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