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Judge orders ICBC to reimburse claimant for the cost of a private MRI

As a result of his accidents, Mr. Uppal suffered from back pain which radiated down his lower leg. On doctor’s orders, he went for an MRI to determine the exact cause of his symptoms.  He went to a private facility for his MRI and paid out-of-pocket instead of waiting to obtain a free MRI at a hospital.

At issue was whether or not it was reasonable for Mr. U to obtain a private MRI when public healthcare is free.

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Is there an advantage in obtaining a private MRI versus an MRI at a hospital?

This is letter written by the president of Canadian Magnetic Imaging (CMI) , a private MRI clinic in Vancouver. While CMI benefits certainly benefits from injured people obtaining private MRI’s from them it is certainly worth considering what he has written:

“There has been much discussion about the use of MRI in litigation and, in particular, a focus on the role of the public system in recovering the cost of the scan. The reports attached to this newsletter demonstrate that, regardless of the recovery issues, the public system is not where you want your litigation clients scanned because it will likely not provide you with the information you require to obtain appropriate recovery for your clients.

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