Claimant’s mild head injury resolved 1.5 – 2 years after mva —  judge awards $80,000 for pain & suffering 

Ms. Gill suffered a minor head injury & minor soft tissue injuries as a result of her car accident  & experienced headaches and dizziness.


On July 29, 2016, Mr. Justice Sigurdson decided that:

  • Ms. G’s head injury was “at the less serious end of the spectrum”,
  • Any related symptoms had resolved prior to her trial &
  • Any of her ongoing memory or concentration issues were related to the stresses of running a busy household with 4 young children rather than to her quite minor concussion.


The judge did accept that the consequences of Ms. G’s minor head injury (mainly headaches & dizziness) had for a year and a half to two years impacted her enjoyment of her family & the pleasure of caring for her children.


He then awarded her $80,000 for the pain & suffering category of her award even though her head injury had resolved.