Dental assistant needs to change jobs due to pain – $120,000 award for her lost future earning capacity

8 months prior to her first of two accidents, Ms. Brown began a new career as a certified dental assistant. At the time of her trial she suffered from low back pain & vision problems.

The judge found that before her mva’s she had been doing well & had opportunities to advance in the dental field.


After her second accident, Ms. B was limited to working as a junior dental assistant. She complained of a lack of steadiness in her vision & difficulty tracking lines of text on a computer screen.  Her co-worker observed her stretching & lying down during breaks at work in an apparent effort to relieve her back pain & stiffness.


Mr. Justice Ball concluded that:

  • The opinions of Ms. B’s treating specialists showed that her painful symptoms will persist &
  • she had to change her occupation due to her injuries.   


The judge awarded Ms. B $120,000 for her loss of future earning capacity.
See: “Loss of future earning capacity: Questions & Answers


and Brown v. Mitchell, [2017] BCSC 125