If I can’t do some or most of my household chores can I recover from ICBC my cost of hiring help

If you are not able to do some (as opposed to most) of the work your home requires, there is a very good chance that if you hire someone after obtaining a few quotes or you give someone more hours of household work, you will be able to recover this expense at the end of your claim but only if:


your physician:

  • concludes based on his or her examination of you plus what you say that:
    • you need assistance of a certain number of hours per week
    • for a certain period into the future before he or she needs to review this and
  • notes this on file.


However it is unlikely that a physician’s opinion on your need for a certain amount of housekeeping assistance will be valid for longer than 3 to 4 weeks without him or her doing another examination and giving you another opinion on this issue.



If your physician:

  • concludes after examining you that:
    • you are unable to perform most (more than half) of your household chores as a result of your accident and
    • you need a certain number of hours of assistance per week and
  • gives you a note to this effect

you should give the note to your adjuster and ask that ICBC funds you hiring household help.


Your entitlement to immediate reimbursement or direct payment by ICBC is based on its insurance regulation which states:

  • “…within 20 days after an accident…
  • an injury sustained in the accident
  • substantially and continuously disables an insured who is a homemaker [both male & female]
  • from regularly performing most of the insured’s household tasks,
  • the corporation shall compensate the insured for the period of the disability or 104 consecutive weeks, whichever is shorter,
  • for reasonable expenses incurred by the insured to hire a person to perform the household tasks on the insured’s behalf,
  • subject to a maximum amount per week” of $145.
  • No compensation is payable under this section in respect of household tasks performed by a member of the insured’s family.