If I can’t do all the duties of my own business can I recover from ICBC my cost of hiring help?

  •  concludes based on his or her examination of you plus what you say that:
    • you need assistance at work of a certain number of hours per week
    • for a certain period into the future before he or she needs to review this and
  • notes of all this in his or her clinical notes


It is unlikely that your physician’s opinion, on your need for a certain amount of assistance, will be valid for longer than 3 to 4 weeks, without your physician doing another examination and giving you another opinion on your work ability. Your physician is entitled to charge you a fee, for preparing a note, regarding your inability to work. His or her examination is covered by MSP.


ICBC has no legal obligation to reimburse these expenses before the final settlement or court award of your injury claim.



If your physician is of the opinion that you are totally disabled, as opposed to only partially disabled, from working in your business then ICBC has an obligation under your policy to pay you immediately up to $300 per week, after a one week waiting period.


If  before your accident when you renewed your ICBC Autoplan coverage you had also bought from ICBC an optional extended income replacement coverage of up to an extra $400 per week (at a cost of only $84 per year), you could be entitled up to $700 per week in immediate tax free wage replacement from ICBC.


This optional extra extended policy is particularly valuable for self-employed people in most cases.


For detailed information regarding your entitlement to both basic and extended ICBC total disability benefits see our blog entitled:

Judge orders ICBC to pay basic, not extended, disability benefits after it refused to pay them