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Dizziness and nausea. Questions & Answers:

  • Will ICBC believe me when I tell my doctor that I have felt dizzy, light-headed and off balance since my car accident? Find answer: »
  • Do doctors know why people who have been injured in vehicle collisions get dizzy and nauseous when there is a lot of movement around them? Find answer: »
  • What tests prove that I am having the dizziness I experience? Find answer: »
  • What if no balance tests give a positive result? Find answer: »
  • If I experienced dizziness after my car accident, does this prove that it was caused by the car accident? Find answer: »
  • Do other symptoms often accompany dizziness? Find answer: »
  • Are there any physiotherapists who have special training in treating dizziness? Find answer: »
  • Have there been any court cases and settlements where a person who suffered dizziness after a car accident was well compensated? Find answer: »

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