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Cost of treatment, care, and assistance in the future.

  • What do I have to prove in order to be compensated for expenses I may have in the future due to my injuries for treatment, care and assistance?
  • healthy family after treatment of a car accident You are entitled to be compensated for all future expenses that the court concludes are reasonably necessary to promote your mental and physical health in the future. You do not have to go so far as to prove that these expenses are "medically necessary". However you do need medical evidence that the expenses will "promote [your] mental and physical health".

    A judge may ask him or her self "what would a reasonably-minded person of ample means be prepared to incur as expenses? "

    Your entitlement may depend in part on how you lived before the collision. For example, the B. C. Court of Appeal upheld an award of a judge for the cost of altering equipment on the claimant's sailboat so that he could continue to sail in spite of the loss of a finger and dexterity in his hand. The rationale is that sailing would promote his mental and physical health.

    Given appropriate evidence, the court may compensate an injured person for the care and domestic work a family member will provide him or her in the future at a reasonable hourly rate. The court may also compensate an injured person on the basis of a trained person providing the services.

    You will need solid medical evidence to support such a claim. Often either nurses or occupational therapists assess injured persons and provide a report as to their future needs and the cost of meeting their needs. In addition, a medical specialist in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, a rheumatologist or an orthopaedic surgeon gives an opinion on a person's future needs and how many years into the future these needs will exist.

    Usually the injured person's lawyer pays for these assessments and reports and claims reimbursement from ICBC at the end of the case.

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