What you need to know about accidents before April 1, 2019:

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Winning Your B.C. Injury Claim:
How to Successfully Navigate the ICBC Minefield

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This book does not apply to accidents which occurred on or after April 1, 2019.

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  • How to survive financially after an accident
  • How to prepare for your first meeting with ICBC

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Hiring a Lawyer: Avoid the pitfalls.
Questions & Answers:

  • Will I risk receiving less help from ICBC early on if I hire a lawyer? Find answer: »
  • When is the best time to hire a lawyer to handle my case? Find answer: »
  • Is it better for me to hire a lawyer on an hourly basis or on a percentage basis? Find answer: »
  • Do percentage fees vary? Find answer: »
  • If I hire a lawyer, who pays the expenses to fight my case such as the cost of reports from medical experts? Find answer: »
  • How do legal fees work if I change lawyers? Find answer: »
  • Is there any harm in my hiring a member of a law firm who also does work for ICBC? Find answer: »

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