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If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle or car accident and need a lawyer in Langley, Chris Temple can make a difference in your life. Chris will provide you with the advice and assistance you need to navigate the system. He has spent over 35 years successfully leading clients through personal injury claims. Chris Temple has the expertise and experience to ensure you get the compensation you deserve following your car accident.

"You did everything you could to help me, in a time when it seemed that most of the world had turned its back." (S.G., Langley)

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Have your doctor provide you with a referral note for the appropriate therapist and take it to the therapist's office. Your receptionist will then fax your referral note to ICBC's Adjuster to arrange funding.

Your therapist will probably charge a fee surcharge for treatment, sometimes as much as $200-$300 per month. Be sure to ask your adjuster to reimburse these fees monthly. ICBC will often do this for people who are not at fault for the accident.

Physiotherapists in or near Langley BC

Throughout this process you will likely need rehabilitation for your injuries. Listed below are a number of physiotherapists serving the Langley area.


O A S I S: #3 8880 202nd Street, Langley | Tel: 604-881-0155
Langley Physiotherapy Clinic: #402 6325 204th St., Langley | Tel: 604-736-5130
Twin Rinks Orthopaedic & Sport: 5700 Langley Bypass, Langley | Tel: 604-532-5722
HealthX Physical Therapy Centers: 20501 Logan Ave., Langley | Tel: 604-532-9005
LifeMark Health Centre: #101 20230 64th Ave., Langley | Tel: 604-514-9787
Langley Sports Medicine Clinic: #8 7888 200th St., Langley | Tel: 604-888-1028
Brookswood Physiotherapy Clinic: #102 22355 48th Ave., Langley | Tel: 604-530-2322
Grove Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic: #402 21183 88th Ave., Langley | Tel: 604-882-1268
Langley Physiotherapy Clinic: #402 6325 204th St., Langley | Tel: 604-736-5130
Fort Physiotherapy: 23243 Francis Ave., Fort Langley | Tel: 604-888-1777
Glover Physiotherapy: #102 5796 Glover Rd., Langley | Tel: 604-533-6623
Langley Physiotherapists Corp.: #402 6325 204th St., Langley | Tel: 604-530-6511
Crescent Physiotherapy Clinic: 22305 48th Ave., Langley | Tel: 604-530-9331
Cliff Fowler Rehabilitation Services Inc.: 5521 206th St., Langley | Tel: 604-534-5388
Cloverdale Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic: #105B 17780 56th Ave., Cloverdale | Tel: 604-574-4348
Fort Physiotherapy: 23243 Francis Ave., Fort Langley | Tel: 604-888-1777
Langley Memorial Hospital - Physiotherapy Dept.: 22051 Fraser Hwy., Langley | Tel: 604-533-6407
Steve Occleshaw Physiotherapy: #101 20605 51B Ave., Langley | Tel: 604-614-7150

Call for appointment : 604.970.2440 or toll-free 1.877.536.4520