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Past loss of income. Questions & Answers:

  • I am self employed. How is my past loss of income calculated? Find answer: »
  • I lost the chance to earn more money after my collision than I earned before the collision. Am I entitled to be compensated for this? Find answer: »
  • ICBC wants to reduce my loss of income claim by 30% for taxes I would have paid. Is this the law? If I have to pay tax on my settlement or court award this would be double taxation. Find answer: »
  • I was forced to collect EI sickness benefits and then social assistance when I was unable to return to work after my collision Is ICBC entitled by law to deduct these benefits from my loss of income claim? Find answer: »
  • What is the wording of the consent to my employer that ICBC wants me to sign? Find answer: »
  • Must I sign an authorization to release employment records? Find answer: »

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