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  • How frequently should I see my family doctor from a legal perspective?
  • family doctors for your ICBC injury claimAsk your doctor at the end of each appointment when he thinks it best that you see him again. From a legal perspective, you should see you doctor every month or so during the first six to twelve months and then every two months or so while you continue to experience pain and limitations.

    There is little or no value from a legal perspective in you seeing your doctor unless he examines you when you see him or her. Some family doctors examine their injured patients monthly. Others examine their injured patients rarely, or perhaps only once soon after their accident and never again. If your doctor is in the latter group, your challenge is to persuade him or her to examine you every 3 to 5 weeks during the first 6 to 12 months, and then every second month from then on if you continue to experience pain and limitations.

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