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  • How to survive financially after an accident
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What you need from medical experts to prove your claim.

  • How do I best approach my family doctor to persuade him to examine me?
  • Getting Medical Experts to examine after an accidentIf you have a lawyer, you can ask him or her to write your doctor a letter, requesting him or her to state your present symptoms (your complaints), signs (his or her findings on examination) and his or her opinion on your degree of limitations with respect to your job and household tasks.

    If you do not have a lawyer, you may want to:

    • ask your doctor's receptionist to give you an appointment time when your doctor has a few extra minutes. When you see your doctor tell him or her that:
      • you just want to settle your claim quickly and cleanly (most doctors do not like court),
      • ICBC relies almost entirely on what your doctor finds on examination- not what you say to your doctor-when they are valuing a claim,
      • you would greatly appreciate it if your doctor could examine you, since he or she has not done so in the past three months.
    • ask your doctor if he or she has time that day to do the examination. If not, offer to return at another time when your doctor has enough time to examine you.
    • after your doctor examines you, ask him or her if the examination indicates whether or not you can fully do your job and all your household chores. If your doctor cannot give such an opinion, please see the answer to the question below:
    • "Who is best able to help me prove that I am not able to work full time or to do all my household and garden chores or to return to my sports? "
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