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What you need from medical experts to prove your claim.

  • Who is best able to help me prove that I am not able to work full-time or to do all my household and garden chores or return to my sports?
  • proving your ICBC injury claim with the help of medical expertsPhysicians, physiotherapists and chiropractors can be very useful in treating you and in showing that there is a physical "objective" basis for your pain; however, many of the leading specialists will openly admit that it is very difficult to accurately conclude from an office examination how well you are able to function in the real world with real physical demands. Drawing these conclusions becomes increasingly more difficult over time because your physical signs generally become less obvious over time. For example, your muscle spasms may have gradually resolved after a month or two, yet you continue to have a lot of pain with certain movements. At some point, you will need someone else to objectively support your ongoing pain and limitations. That person is usually a certified work capacity evaluator.
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