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Pain & suffering. Questions & Answers:

ICBC settlements for Pain and Suffering can be very involved. If you don't use adequate legal representation, you may very well be left settling for an amount that will leave you with no money to take care of future bills and requirements as a results of your injury. Let us help you obtain the settlement you need and deserve.

  • How do the courts and ICBC decide how much to award an injured person for pain and suffering? Find answer: »
  • When might ICBC choose to have a jury trial rather than a trial by a judge alone? Find answer: »
  • Who gets to decide whether a case will be heard by a judge or by a jury? Find answer: »
  • What are the trial procedures for injured claimants that prohibit the use of a jury? Find answer: »
  • If I don't settle my claim, how can I get a sense of how much a Supreme Court judge might award me for pain and suffering? Is it possible for me to review court decisions or summaries? Find answer: »
  • Is it worth getting a lawyer involved? Find answer: »

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