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Pre-accident problems and elderly victims.

  • Before my accident I had arthritis of the neck and experienced occasional flare-ups. My adjuster says I am entitled to less compensation than if I had not had arthritis. Is he correct?
  • active runner understanding ICBC injury claim processOnly partially. Physicians generally accept that people with arthritis in the spine experience a more prolonged recovery. ICBC must compensate you for this longer recovery period, but it is not required to compensate you for any pain or limitations you would have had if the accident had not occurred. ICBC is only liable for the additional problems you suffered as a result of the accident. Many people have arthritis but don't have symptoms and don't even know they have it until they are injured and x-rays are taken. A doctor's report summarizing your pre-existing complaints and limitations, your additional problems and how you would have fared had the accident not occurred is very important. Witnesses such as supervisors, friends and family may provide statements and, if necessary, testify as to the changes they have observed in you since the accident.
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