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Pre-accident problems and elderly victims.

  • I am in my 70's. Am I entitled to less compensation for my permanent injury because of my age?
  • elderly victims of ICBC car accidentsA court will take your age into account. If your injury is permanent, for example, you likely would not suffer for as many years as would a younger person with the same type of injury. Case law says that any reduction in damages for pain and suffering on account of your age must be done cautiously. Judges accept that in some respects, impairment of an older person can be more serious. As one grows older, one's pleasures and activities may become more limited; therefore, substantial impairment in the amount of activity and movement one can do becomes even more significant.

    During negotiations, make it clear to ICBC's adjuster that you are willing to go to court if necessary. You should also remind him or her that the judge or jury will apply this case law, which is very supportive of the elderly. From past experience, adjusters tend to believe that older people are very unlikely to go to court.

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