What you need to know about accidents before April 1, 2019:

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ICBC surveillance. Questions & Answers:

If you have any suspicions at all that you might be under ICBC surveillance, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. As lawyers helping you with your claim against ICBC, we can help ensure you take the proper steps to protect and defend yourself so you obtain the claim in which you are entitled.

  • I get the feeling that someone is watching me. Am I correct? Find answer: »
  • Is it legal for ICBC's investigators to videotape injured people? Find answer: »
  • How does ICBC use the videotaped evidence obtained by its investigators to defend injury claims? Find answer: »
  • Do judges find video evidence valuable in helping them reach their decisions in injury cases? Find answer: »
  • Does ICBC ever combine video surveillance with an ICBC medical examination? Find answer: »
  • How do I defend myself against surveillance? Find answer: »
  • How should I prepare for my examination for discovery regarding possible video surveillance of me? Find answer: »
  • Can I turn the tables and use the video evidence ICBC obtains to strengthen my case? Find answer: »
  • Will judges punish ICBC if the investigator turns his video camera on and off so that the video does not accurately show the whole story? Find answer: »

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