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Have a look at just some of the testimonials and reviews provided for us by our clients who have been personally injured in motor vehicle-related accidents. We helped these clients win settlements and helped guide them through the difficult claims process. If you have had a personal Injury sustained in an ICBC accident and want our help to achieve the settlement or verdict you're looking for, contact us today.

I would recommend Chris Temple Law to any injured person who is having issues with ICBC. I think they are the best law firm available for an injured person. They explore all your options and give you a clear road to success. They also went above and beyond when it comes to helping me get the best possible care and treatment while I was injured.

They really care about their clients and help to get you the best treatment without wasting any of your time.

I have spoken to many lawyers and Chris Temple's team has the best skills, client care and specialists that treat you. Whether you are in the hospital or at home injured he takes great care and pride in his clients and his work.

He turned ICBC's $2,500 offer into a case worth over $250,000 without even going to court. He is also willing and able to go to trial if necessary. He does not back down to ICBC lawyers and is also WAY more intelligent than ICBC lawyers.

With Chris Temple and his staff you can rest assure you will get the best of the best when it comes to law firms. I can't thank them enough for the work he has done for me. Chris Temple Law is truly outstanding and I would recommend his team to anybody that is dealing with ICBC. They are always in your corner and will not let ICBC take advantage of you.

Once again thank you Chris and your staff, you have truly made a huge difference in my case. I don't think anybody comes even close to the skills you have.

Thank you. I truly mean it, you and your staff are amazing!

C.P., South Surrey

Dear Mr. Temple

I am writing to tell you that I was very satisfied with all aspects of how you and your firm handled my case. I found everyone very helpful, very pleasant and very patient as I had no knowledge in this field. I am very pleased and thankful for all you have done for me.

I am very satisfied that you kept me informed about my claim and that all my inquiries and concerns were addressed by you or your assistants. I think you have an awesome law firm and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I cannot come up with anything that you would need to improve upon.

T.W., Fernie

Hi Chris,

I have reviewed your final reporting letter and what I will receive and it all looks wonderful. Thank you for all your help and hard work on my case. I have always told everyone your the best and I am VERY happy that I had you looking after my case. I appreciate all you and Cindy have done for me and will not be forgotten.

E.S., Surrey, B.C.

You went out of your way to help me get through my ICBC claim. I will never forget the "extras" you did for me, which even included lending me an exercise bike. When I came to your offices I was ready to give up. Within our first meeting I learned more about my claim and my rights than I had from my other lawyer in a year! Thank you for taking the time to go "above and beyond" every step of the way over the past two years. The doctors and specialists you sent me to were all great. Your staff were amazing. I will happily recommend your firm if I come across someone in need of a great lawyer! With many thanks!

C. , Delta

I greatly appreciate the expert legal advice and service provided by Chris Temple & his legal assistants at Chris Temple Law. I was in a serious t-bone MVA and had tried two previous lawyers before finding Chris Temple Law. They did more for my injury claim, in 2 months, than 1.5 years with my prior lawyers for the MVA injury claim. The knowledge given and used to guide you through the ICBC claims process, is an immense relief when in unknown/uncharted territory. I was given the time, attention, guidance & information needed during the process. I got excellent results using Chris Temple Law. I would highly recommend using Chris Temple & Chris Temple Law if you have a MVA or a personal injury claim.


I interviewed two other lawyers before meeting with Chris Temple of Chris Temple Law. My consultation with Chris was so different from that of the other two lawyers. I felt completely confident that my case would be in good hands with Chris. I was right.

My case was complicated in that my injury was virtually invisible making it hard to prove but Chris knew exactly how to handle this situation. Chris's experience and expertise with handling head injury claims was extremely helpful.

Chris is well connected with very knowledgeable medical experts. He knew exactly who to send me to for the appropriate medical legal assessments needed to prove my situation. I know that I could not have successfully settled my ICBC claim on my own and I owe many thanks to Chris for his dedication and professional work.

Chris stayed very involved with my claim the whole way through. I never felt dropped, in the dark or out of the loop. In fact I felt quite the opposite. Chris always made sure to keep me well informed about my legal situation. During days that I was ill or in pain, I always knew that my legal situation was in good hands.

Dedicated, reliable, enthusiastic and genuine are words that come to my mind when describing Chris Temple and his involvement with my claim.

It was evident that Chris takes his work seriously. He handled my claim in an extremely thorough manner. Chris is very knowledgeable and skilled in his field. Simply put, he is an expert at what he does.

Many thanks to Chris Temple and his team at Chris Temple Law. You were all so very helpful! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone in need.


Thank you so much for all your help in the past few years! I wouldn't have been able to make it to today without you. You are very professional, thoughtful, patient, and work so hard for your clients. It always feel so good knowing that you are there when I need help. On top of everything, your great sense of humor always makes the intense moments lighter. I very much enjoyed working with you! Hope we don't ever need to work on another MVA for myself, but our friendship can last forever (if you don't mind :)).

J.S., Richmond

Chris: I just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased to have retained your services, and very impressed with the way you work. I received word from your office this morning that the disability payments have, at long last, been approved. You have accomplished in three weeks what previous counsel couldn't do in six months. The best decision I made since the accident was switching to Chris Temple Law. Thank you.

K.D. , Maple Ridge

Thank you and your team for all your time and care so far. I have never had such good quality legal advice, and service in the medical field. It is very much appreciated. I am looking forward to a fast and full recovery.

C. P. , South Surrey

Our adult son was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. We soon realized that it would be necessary to retain legal counsel and did not have a clue where to begin looking. We met with a few lawyers but found that, for one reason or another, none filled our requirements. We then met with Chris Temple. Upon meeting Chris our hearts felt lighter and many of our worries faded as Chris put us at ease and answered all our questions. He took care of everything and we were able to focus on our son and helping him on the road to recovery.

Chris was available 24/7 (I don’t think the man ever rests). He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of brain injuries and keeps on top of any new studies, findings, literature, etc.

Anytime a problem arose (and believe me there were many times) one of us would say, “Let’s phone Chris, he’ll know what to do. ” He left no stone unturned … no loose ends. He was totally prepared (and made sure that we were) for mediation with ICBC. He made sure that our son’s settlement was structured in the best possible was to ensure that his future needs were taken into consideration. Chris worked tirelessly and unremittingly so our son was represented in the best way possible. We are very grateful for his commitment and total dedication to the case and to his client.

Chris has been with us all ways … every day and we are very thankful that of all the lawyers around we found one with genuine integrity and compassion.

We have only the highest respect and gratitude for Chris, and his most competent assistant, Colette. Forget about Batman & Robin, the real Dynamic Duo is Chris & Colette!

Best regards,
C. K. , Surrey

Thank you for taking charge. I know I wasn't the best when it came to doing things for my case. You were awesome. You were a great lawyer. You worked really hard.

J. S. , Surrey

Thank you so much for your quick response. As I stated at this point, I am not sure I will need a lawyer, however if I do I will certainly contact you. Your professional approach to a query is top notch and I will be recommending you to others. Take care.

S. F. , Surrey

Thanks Chris! You are a great lawyer. Your patient wonderful ideas to make my parents' cases as strong as possible and the time you spent on their cases gave them great settlements that will really help them a lot in the future. We were really impressed by your timely replies and your professional skills and knowledge, especially during the mediation. You are really experienced in the disc herniation and meniscus tears areas.

Formerly of Coquitlam, now Beijing, China

I wanted to write you a letter to express my gratitude for all the hard work, commitment and countless hours you put into my case. You were amazing.

After my first car accident I didn't know what to do or where to turn, I was completely devastated. My life was now, completely changed. I was unsure what to do, so I asked friends and family for direction. My dad told me about an amazing lawyer he had dealt with 20 years prior, Chris Temple. He remembered your name and even where your office was! He had nothing but great things to say about you, and he was right! You have had a huge impact in helping me thru this terrible time.

Chris, you are a very caring and helpful person. Every time I called your office, I felt very comfortable. You and your staff have been great. You did everything you could to help me, in a time when it seemed that most of the world had turned it's back. You did everything you could to ensure I had the best doctors and best possible recovery. IT was A great feeling to have A lawyer whose top priority was getting me the best recovery.

I will definitely recommend you to any person who needs a great lawyer. Thank you for making me feel like a person instead of a number.

S. G. , Langley

"I mostly appreciate Chris's expertise and the level of passion and dedication he has for his work. I also appreciated the fact I was kept informed and that my questions and concerns were addressed promptly as indicated above. I also appreciated the professionalism demonstrated by Cindy and Sharina. Although my case did not go to trial, I had no doubt that I would have had excellent representation had my case proceeded. "

C. J. , Langley

I really appreciate you for being very professional, approachable and honest. Thanks for doing such a good job. You will always be in my best memories.

Warm Regards

S.R. , Surrey

Chris Temple is an honest sincere, hardworking lawyer with a big heart. I was in tears when I approached Chris about taking over my case. Chris Temple has restored my faith in lawyers.

Thank You, Thank You a Thousand Times, Thank You!

D. S. , White Rock

I worked with Chris, as his client, for over 2 years. I always felt confident in the way he was handling my case against ICBC. Chris is a diligent lawyer who is well versed with the ins and outs of injury law. He always had the answers to my questions and guided me in the right direction. Most importantly, Chris didn't give me any false hope. He remained on the side of caution and told me right away how strong my evidence on certain points would be in court. Thus I always knew what to expect and how strong my case was. In short, he never gave me any reason to doubt his abilities or any need to seek a second opinion of another lawyer. It was a pleasure working with him.

J. J. , Surrey

Dear Chris,

We are so appreciative of what you did for us. Over the time you became kind of the "God Father" by driving us through all the legal jungles. We learned much from you about the unknown side of Western Society.

Finally we have met another good man in our life!

Thank you for your support, friendship and business.

With best regards,
T and V M, Vancouver

I retained Mr. Chris Temple after a less than satisfying experience with another lawyer.

I knew immediately that I had made the right choice. Mr. Temple left no stone unturned in securing the best possible rehabilitation for me. He made sure that I was seen by the best medical specialists in Vancouver for assessments and recommendations.

Mr. Temple has always been available for me. I can call him with any of my concerns and he takes the time needed to speak with me. He always returns my calls in a prompt manner.

I most definitely recommend to anyone with serious injuries, like chronic pain and cognitive disabilities, to call Mr. Chris Temple for legal assistance.

J. S.

Dear Chris:

My husband and I don't quite know how to thank you for the superb manner in which you handled his ICBC case. If you recall, we came to you somewhat disillusioned with lawyers due to the handling of my husband's case by the lawyer he had initially retained. WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOU MADE! You made us feel like we mattered, you talked to us, not down to us. You explained our options in a manner we understood and most of all you cared. I can honestly say that having dealt with lawyers in a business capacity in the past, the majority pale by comparison to your devotion to your clients, your knowledge of the law, your ethics and your caring. You went far beyond what we expected and even found a doctor that could give my husband the injections he needed for less that he had been paying. We have not and would not hesitate to recommend you or your firm to anyone in need of a solicitor and can only express our appreciation to you for your caring and concern.

With Gratitude,
B. and S. W.

Dear Chris:

I just want to thank you for being so informative and for taking the time to give me the quick replies to all my questions that I have asked. You have been very helpful and professional, and leave no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision in hiring you to represent me.

Thanks again,
R. T.

Dear Chris,

I do not judge people by what they do. The important thing to me is how they do it.

The person in this world whom I most admire is an electrician. He is a great electrician. He is knowledgeable, dedicated, works hard and most importantly, enjoys his work. He also happens to be my father.

You sir, are a great lawyer!

Please accept my thanks for a job well done.

Would you please pass on my thanks to Steve and Dawn for their excellent work on K's behalf.

Lastly, would you please pass on my thanks to Mr. Crawford [ICBC's lawyer] for remaining a gentleman throughout.

Yours Sincerely,
H. W. J.

I would like to recommend Chris Temple.

There are a number of reasons for my recommendation. I acquired a mild to moderate brain injury and I feel that his expertise was invaluable and essential in recognizing the seriousness of my injury. This cannot be overstated because in those days I was truly out on a limb and desperately needed such an appropriate response.

Secondly, I feel that the three-year time period to mediation was very appropriate. In fact, my final and successful return to work took place six weeks prior to mediation. It was not until that time that I truly felt confident and capable again.

No less importantly, I feel that the best of specialists were hired to assess my injury with a resulting lack of contentiousness. He also saw to it that all avenues were explored in seeking evidence of injury. I obtained a SPECT scan and an MRI at or around the three-year point following the injury and this was important to me. All efforts were made.

J. M.

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