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Winning Your B.C. Injury Claim:
How to Successfully Navigate the ICBC Minefield

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By ordering this free book, you'll have access to loads of great information that will help you win your ICBC injury claim. Written by a lawyer with years of successful experience in winning significant ICBC injury claim settlements, this book is your bible to knowing exactly what you need to do to defend yourself and win your injury claim against ICBC. To order, See order form below.

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Chapter 1: The 12 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Making an ICBC Claim

Chapter 2: Your first meeting with ICBC's adjuster

Chapter 3: How ICBC should help you now with treatment

Chapter 4: How ICBC should help you now with disability benefits

Chapter 5: How ICBC should help me now and later with household chores

Chapter 6: Your medical records - the extent of your right to privacy

Chapter 7: Keeping a pain diary Chapter 8: Hit & Run Claims: They need to be done right

Chapter 9: If you were working at the time the collision occurred - WorkSafeBC

Chapter 10: ICBC Surveillance

Chapter 11: Valuing Damages: Pain and Suffering

Chapter 12: Valuing Damages: Pre-Accident problems & retirees

Chapter 13: Valuing Damages: Cost of treatment, care & assistance in the future

Chapter 14: Valuing Damages: Compensation for family members of the injured Person

Chapter 15: Valuing Damages: Loss of income

Chapter 16: Valuing Damages: Loss of future earning capacity

Chapter 17: What you need from medical experts to prove your claim

Chapter 18: Medical Specialists: Referred by your doctor or by ICBC or by your lawyer

Chapter 19: Work Capacity Evaluators

Chapter 20: Hiring a Lawyer: Avoiding the pitfalls

Chapter 21: A Personal Injury Lawsuit against ICBC

Chapter 22: Settlement negotiations

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